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Does VPN Really Keep Us Safe?

How VPNs Work?

How VPNs Work?

Does VPN keep us safe? Yes, how reliable are websites that many people can easily access through VPNs? Before answering these questions, we need to investigate the causes. Why are websites closed to access in this area? Why should I use a VPN? Can VPNs be tracked? we need to find answers to these questions.

From time to time, websites are closed on the Ethernet. At this time, we can log in to many sites with VPN applications. But logging in to each site may be insufficient for VPN. VPN acts as a bridge for accessing certain sites that are closed to access rather than accessing each site.

1How VPNs Work?

It has come to the mind of many people. The working logic of VPNs is actually very simple. It acts as a bridge with the ports forwarded to different locations within the servers set up by VPN companies. If a site banned in the United States in this area is not banned in Brazil, it is possible to access the site in this area with VPNs. VPNs direct the users to the sites with ports in different locations. The number of people using VPNs that are actively traded in more than 150 countries around the world is also serious. In this way, VPNs are actually a software that removes you from access barriers with a change of location that allows you to access sites with a different IP.

1Does VPN really keep us safe?

VPNs can keep us safe from time to time. At least, unless you are involved in illegal work. Actually a police officer etc. Even if you have not been followed by, VPN companies still have the power to forward your IP protocols to government officials. In this area, if you get involved in illegal affairs and this is understood, VPN companies will reveal you to all kinds. That’s why many Hackers even write their VPNs on their own. With servers that open to different locations, it does things worthwhile for a robust attack situation. This could be a bank attack or a cyberwar against the state. Long processes may be required for these. In fact, writing a VPN is considered a moderately difficult process. If you have good ethical coding knowledge, you can be programming a VPN.

1For What Purposes Are VPNs Used?

If certain sites are generally blocked from accessing your location but are accessible in different locations, VPN is usually used. VPNs direct you to the site or application, assuming that you have entered from a different location in this area.

Occasionally, access to the internet is prohibited. This is sometimes for social media platforms. In this area, it is possible to prevent national or local access prohibitions with VPNs. According to a study, only 17% of people actively host 1 VPN application on their phone or computer.

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