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What is Social Engineering?

How Is Social Engineering Done?

What Is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is among the most used attack types today. It is a fact that especially with the development of technology, people become vulnerable to all types of attacks. In this area, people have become prone to being scammed over the internet instead of physical fraud. Many scams etc. It has become much easier to get lost in illegal jobs on the internet. People are attacked by social engineering methods in many areas both through social media accounts and websites.

1What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is called as an attempt to infiltrate the networks used by the victim as a result of follow-ups that sometimes require long periods of time by entering the communication network of individuals. Social engineering is the most used hacking method for stealing much personal information of the target, sometimes for many years and sometimes only for a few days. This method, which is generally used in fraudulent sites, involves the user falling on the network rather than the administration of the site. Having a long time dialogue with the user is undoubtedly one of the most successful infiltration attempts in this area.

2How is Social Engineering Done?

Social Engineering can be developed and used with different alternatives and motifs. Most of the social engineering methods, which vary depending on who the victim is, for what purpose to attack and what is captured, take place on the social media and website. In general, hackers who want to take over their social media accounts come into contact with the victim in this area. In this attack types, which follows the victim for a long time and is at the forefront of hiding, many things related to personal life can be deciphered. Social engineering in this field takes place in the majority of hacking events today.

3How to Protect from Social Engineering?

It is actually easy to protect against social engineering attacks. Their approach to you in social engineering, which resembles a scam in reality but where dialogues take place over the internet, is very important. Generally, when we say lamer, people who are not hackers but who are eager to hack can decipher themselves in this field. If you are caught in a robust hacker, you can quickly understand this. If you ask your personal life such questions, including the nick in the game you are playing, you should be in doubt in this area. Let’s come to someone you do not know and play games together. What is the E-Mail? What is your nickname? does not ask questions like. The most important way to protect against social engineering in this regard is through here.

4Features of Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks usually take place through social media accounts and websites. It may take several weeks for the victim to be trapped in this area. Attacking large organizations like the bank is an attack that may take years and requires physical action from time to time. Types can be developed in this field according to the person to attack. Social engineering is more about infiltrating people rather than technological devices. You can learn the weaknesses of social engineering by getting to know people over time. Victims can be trapped in this area without creating a problem of trust.

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